MT Plugins

I’ve spent the last few hours installing a number of plugins for MT.

The first couple of plugins affect the index pages. The first is the now dynamic copyright statement on the home page of the site, it will update as time goes on. It does the copyright based on the year of the first entry and the year of the last entry, so since my first entry was in 2003 and my last entry (as of this post) was in 2004 the copyright statement reads ©2003-2004.

the next can currently be seen below the copyright statement until I design a better template to decide where to put it. It shows what movies I currently have checked out in my Netflix account, very cool dynamic feature.

The next two have to do with the automatic formatting of blog entries. The first of the 2 looks for acronyms like HTML, CGI, MT, SQL, ACTD, AOL, and more and makes them into acronym tags (try putting your cursor over those acronyms if they are showing up underlined. If they don’t show up underlined that means that your browser doesn't support <acronym> tags.

The second creates automatic links to bible verses. When I type in John 3:16 you should see a link to that bible verse, and John 11:35 and Esther 8:9 and Psalm 23

These modules should make my blog a lot more exciting. I can’t wait to load some more!