Work Stress

Cleaning Up and Clearing Out

This record is of the events of Thursday, February 26th. Shortly after I got up on Thursday I received a call from my father telling me he was planning on taking off from work early and that he was going to go with me over to Metrotime to be my witness so I can go and get my stuff out of the grips of Harold.

As I was getting ready I almost wore my WCW shirt because of what he had said in his reply to my letter: “Go back to WCW with my blessing.” I decided against it however and wore one of my normal pullover shirts. I did make sure and in the box of the few things I had of Metrotime's, I placed the Metrotime shirt that he had given me at one point.

Against my better judgment, I called Metrotime at Dad's suggestion to make sure he was there, but Harold did not answer the phone. When I told Dad that he didn't answer the phone we decided to go anyway. The reason I said it against my better judgment is that I didn't want to give Harold the “Head's Up” in the first place. I thought catching him off guard would be better.

Harold was there when we arrived and I quickly boxed up my few possessions and climbed up on the roof to remove my Satellite Dish from the makeshift radio tower we had built on the roof. Harold of course still holds to the theory that I owe him over $750. Like the 2 months of work for no pay and the fact that I have taken over web hosting for his clients, even the ones that had prepaid him for an entire year of service and were now getting their service from me for the remaining periods of their contracts don't have any effect on what he thinks I owe him.

I decided not to get into an argument and instead stated as calmly as possible that since I had not been paid in over 2 months I would simply have to pay him back after I got on my feet working for a company that actually pays it's employees and after I fixed the other debt incurred during that period of time.

Simply put, Harold is an asshole. I normally refrain from swearing at all, and especially in written form, but it's the truth. Harold is a complete and utter Jerk. He went on and on about how I didn't call one of his customers Tuesday or Wednesday. Newsflash Harold, by the time I got up on Tuesday, You had fired me!!!! Why should I call your customers and give them free support AFTER you fired me?!

After this I went over to Pastor Tom's office on the other side of the building and tried to fix his printer for him, but try as I might I couldn't do it, so since Dad was with me and I didn't want to take up too much of Dad's time, I decided to leave and come back to it on Monday. While I was trying though I did have a rather nice conversation with Dad about my immediate goals and plans.

When I got home I dropped Dad off and quickly went over to the new Christian Brother's Automotive near the house that was running a $14.95 special on Oil Changes and since it had probably been almost 5000 miles since my last Oil Change and I was going to put over 400 miles on the car on Friday, I figured I should probably get an oil change. Thankfully although they were technically closed they were still there and said they'd go ahead and do my car. Very nice people there, and a nice lobby, however… They have a really ugly website, and I mean a REALLY ugly website. Cheesy page transitions, bad rollovers, they really need someone to do an overhaul on that website. It's about as unprofessional as they come.

After the the oil change I went home to start getting ready for my trip Friday morning. I was in my room when my cell phone rang. It was that same customer I had mentioned earlier in this entry. They were complaining again, and I felt sorry for them and drove over to the middle of Fort Worth at 10:30 at night to fix their dang computers because they thought it was from something I did. In actuality, some software they had installed was the culprit that had stopped their computer from working.

After much work, I was able to get all their computers working again and tried to make it as clear as possible that I didn't work for Harold and should not under any circumstances have come out there at 10:30 at night to fix their computers for free, that I did it out of the goodness of my heart and that they should not expect it to happen again. I don't know if they understood or not, but I hope they did because I'd hate to have to tell them again. I nearly missed my chance to talk to the one I loved because of this. When I came online she was just about to leave because I had not shown up, in fact the seemed to be in the process of leaving, but instead talked to me for a while.

It was indeed a rather difficult day…