Travel Work

Leavin' on a jet plane...

don’t know when I’ll be back again, ok so that’s not true, I’m currently planning on returning on Thursday. It’s been a very rough week. As many of you are aware, PortalKeeper and WhiteDog have been working feverously all week to try and get a new server online and all the data transferred from the old server to the new one because if the old server were to stay online this coming week, White Dog would get a bill for nearly twice as much as it had been previously getting because is drastically increasing their prices.

I’ve had to be working double fast because I am leaving this morning for my 4-day vacation to Tennessee, so though the actual deadline is tonight, my deadline is.. about an hour from now.

To make matters worse, Saturday Night I was pulling an all-nighter on the couch with my laptop trying to get this task done, well somewhere around 5/5:30 Sunday morning I crashed and fell asleep, with the laptop on my lap. When I woke up at 8:10 (I was supposed to be AT ERCC no later then 8:00 to run powerpoint, I woke up late because I was nowhere near my alarm) the laptop was no longer on my lap, it was on the floor. I attempted to turn it on, nothing, so I unplugged the AC adaptor from the back of the laptop and plugged it back in again, as soon as it went back in, POOF, sparks fly and smoke billowed out the back of the laptop, it’s completely dead.

So I have absolutely no way to work at all while I’m in Tennessee for the next several days. Perhaps it is fate, perhaps I’m not supposed to work and I’m supposed to take the next few days to actually relax, though it’s hard to relax when there’s a brand new server freshly configured running with barely any testing time and me nowhere near a computer to fix it if any of those configurations are incorrect.

I will have a job interview in Tennessee this afternoon and then for the next several days I will have free time there, with a return flight Thursday night.

Because of my lack of a laptop, I will not be posting any blog entries over the course of this week, not that that is much different then any other week cause I hardly ever seem to find the time to sit down and write anymore…