Busily Updating

I am working hard on trying to upgrade this blog to a newer version of the Blog:CMS software, unfortunately, this is proving to be more difficult than I would have hoped, as all the skins seem to have been messed up royally.

It seems that, perhaps to make the site run faster, changing a template is not such an instant thing anymore, the template change doesn’t seem to go into effect until I post an entry into my blog. Personally, I’m not too fond of this new “improvement” perhaps there is something I can do to rectify this situation….

UPDATE: I have now determined that the stuck skins seem to have been a result of a plugin that was loaded called Cache. I have decided that this plugin is a pain in the arse and have unloaded it until what time as I decide my site is ready for that speed-up. It is definitely not something that should be loaded when a site is first set up or newly fixed.

I have also decided to put the referrers back for now as the designers of Blog:CMS has hinted that it is not as susceptible to being used for spam anymore, we shall see I suppose. I will of course remove it if they prove to be incorrect.

The most annoying part of this upgrade is the fact that they completely changed the way the poll system works, it is simpler yes, but the problem is it wiped out all my previous polls. Fortunately… there were only two of them so it’s not too huge of a loss, but still, I’d rather not lose poll data, it makes polls inaccurate

In any case, there are some nice improvements they have made to the interface, and a number of bugs that have been fixed, so overall I’m glad I went through the pain of this particular upgrade.

An annoying side effect of my recent change from Movable type to Nucleus was that I lost all the plugins that I had worked so hard to find, well tonight, after finishing the aforementioned upgrade, I am again adding plugins, you may have noticed the countdown on the homepage reminding you how long you have to show for my birthday. Also when I’ve been reading/watching/listening to something interesting, you will now see a link to the item in my blog entries, such as the entry below to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire which I have been reading to my girlfriend over the phone for a while now. We are nearly done actually. I didn’t get to read any tonight as I wasn’t able to talk to her tonight, but last night we read chapter 30, so we are well on our way to finishing.