Theatre Plays and Musicals

Don't be such a Drama King

Ok so that was one of my favorite lines from Shrek 2, but it is the first thing that popped into my mind as a title for this article. This past Wednesday evening I went over to my school to have some fun by trying out for a part in the upcoming play The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940.

The Auditions took place over 2 nights, Wednesday and Thursday from 7 to whenever. There were only 4 people who showed up on Wednesday to audition including myself so I got to read a lot of parts. My last class on Tuesday/Thursday lets out at 8:20, so I decided to mosey down to the theatre to watch some of the auditions. While I was there, Pert, the director and my Acting I teacher, asked me if I could read some filler parts for her for scenes where they wanted to read certain characters and there were some filler characters in there.

Friday was callback auditions. Due to the relatively low number of males who auditioned, all the guys were called back, so I auditioned some more.

This morning I headed over to the school and checked out the bulletin board in the green room to see if I had gotten a part.

The Part I most wanted was that of Patrick O'Reilly, the "Irish" Tennor who turns out at the end of the play not to be Irish at all. I just love speaking with a fake Irish accent, which is what the part called for.

I did get a part, but not O'Reilly. Instead, I got the part of Roger Hopewell. Roger is supposed to be a famous composer, with a sarcastic air. He's a great part and has a lot of great lines (and he's one that doesn't happen to die in the play), but the reason I'm not too keen on him is that I found out (after all my readings for him) that he's supposed to be gay, and I'm certainly not gay and really don't think I can pull off gay, but it's theatre, and I shall do my best.

It should be fun to do some acting.

The first rehearsal is at 2:30 and it is 12:35 now, so that's just a couple of hours away. But as I have not written anything in my blog of note of late, I figured this would be a nice thing to post. I'm sure to post more about this as time goes on.