A Journey to the past

Experiencing my blog from 2004

Old Timey Time Machine browsing the web of 2003

Ever since the move to Statamic, I’ve been systematically going through my old posts and fixing them so they look good in this post. I’ve been doing these in small batches and as of tonight have updated the archive all the way back to the beginning of 2004 and a smattering of posts from 2003.

It has been an interesting traversal through the last 20 years of my life. It is interesting that this blog is 20 years old now, at the time I was about to turn 21 and truly enter adulthood, now as I look back over the past 2 decades I find a lot has happened. I also find myself cringing as I read some of my older posts. It was clear I had a bigger problem with mental health at the time than even I realized (and I was surprisingly aware of how messed up I was at the time).

I find things I can barely remember, and some things that I don’t remember happening at all. Whole movies that I reviewed that I don’t even remember existing, let alone having reviewed them. It has been an eye-opening experience.