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Perhaps it isn't April Fools day after all! Pottermore Shop now open

I mentioned last week that Pottermore is set to open to the public on April 1st unless it is a cruel April Fool’s Day joke to Potter fans. It seems the Pottermore team is hoping to dispel the fears that it might be a joke by releasing part of the site (a part that wasn’t previously even available...

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How To: Hide content from search engines, and why you would do it

My latest overview post on Justia’s Legal Marketing and Technology Blog is all about the Robots Exclusion Standard. I explain reasons why you may need to block certain content from search engines, as well as explain the different mechanisms available to you to do so. Check it out ! In general,...

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Page Performance Tips and Tools: Speed Up Your Website Today!

UPDATE January 18, 2018: Google has announced an upcoming algorithm change for mobile search results which they have dubbed the “ Speed Update .” We’ve written a post about this algorithm change and what it means for page speed. According to a pair of studies done by Akamai and Gomez ( collated...

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Welcome to the new

After several years of being separate, I've merged my personal sites of and into a single site, and given it a pretty substantial overhaul at the same time.

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On the Difficulty of Pottermore House Cup Competitions

My last 2 posts were both about cheats on earning and keeping House Points on Pottermore. Continuing that series, I thought I would write a little bit on task-based point competitions. “Now, as I understand it, the house cup here needs awarding, and the points stand thus…” The first problem with...

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Migrating my blog and personal site to Jekyll

After several years of using Wordpress as my blogging platform of choice, I've made the decision to move my personal site to Jekyll static site generator . Why I'm doing this Super Fast As I've blogged about on Justia's Legal Marketing & Technology Blog several times, web performance matters ....

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Archive Tweaks

Ok, now that I’m using the application/xhtml+xml mime type instead of text/html , using a real browser shows you where you have improperly formatted W3C incompliant code on your pages. So I’ve gone through each and every blog entry and fixed the errors in my old badly formatted XHTML. I’ve also...

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AMP Update: Get Even More AMPed in 2018

In my latest Justia Blog post I discuss the latest developments in Google's Acclerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project over the last year.

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