The Vacation

Well I haven't posted in a little while, so let me give you a bit of background on what's happened on my vacation that I mentioned in my previous blog entry (Leavin.. on a jet plane..).

I made it to Huntsville Alabama without any problems, where I waited on a bench at the curb for a while (Flight got in at about 10:30, and I was picked up around 1 or so). My girlfriend and her mother picked me up at the airport and after dropping her mother back off at her home, My Girlfriend took me to DotSpot where my job interview was. I think the interview went pretty well, though they did say that it was going to be a little while before they were ready to hire anyone.

That afternoon my girlfriend and I first went over to the local Wal-Mart where I had her ring finger sized and had them send the promise ring I had already bought for her to be sized to match (She got it back yesterday), then we went to the park and spent some time reading together. I had my first kiss there in that park that day. I will never forget Monday, May 24th, 2004 as the day I had my first kiss.

We spent the next few days together, we both took our resumes around to a couple other places and I just generally enjoyed spending time with her.

Thursday I tried to come back, I even made the flight (I fly standby so I'm never completely sure if I'm going to get on a plane or not) and waited in the plane for 3 hours because thunderstorms at DFW were causing all flights heading that way to be delayed. Eventually, they did decide to feed us our dinner on the ground while we waited, which I'm glad they did, because after 3 hours of waiting, they eventually cancelled the flight altogether as DFW airport had to be shut down.

I had very little money left at this point, but I decided to go over to the hotel that was in the airport and ask how much it would cost for a room for the night, when I got over there they said that unfortunately they were booked solid so I went down to the lobby area of the airport and prepared to spend the night sitting in one of the chairs there. I called my girlfriend and started talking to her, hoping at least not to be bored.

After sitting there for a while however, the man I had talked to at the desk of the hotel came down and found me in the lobby and asked me if I was still in need of a room, I said I was if it was inexpensive enough for me to afford. He said that there was one room available but it didn't have a bed, it did have a cot and a nice armchair though, which, coupled with privacy and the chance to shower in the morning, was definitely worth the $28 he said it would cost me to stay there for the night. He started taking me up to the room so I could see it, when he met up with someone else on his staff who said that there were 2 rooms available that were clean and somehow not accounted for, so he put me in one of them, so I actually got a nice king sized bed to sleep in.

The next morning, I got up early to go wait for the first flight out, but because of the canceled flight the night before, it was now overbooked, so not only did I not get on that one, but some people who actually paid for their tickets didn't either.

A Couple hours later one of them, who had gotten a $20 meal voucher from the airline in addition to his $200 travel voucher, was gracious enough to buy me a sandwich with his meal voucher. Apparently, he had to use it all at once and get no change, so since he just wanted a sandwich at Subway, he had extra money, so I was able to actually eat on Friday.

Finally, I was about to get on the 5:09 flight, the last one of the day and make it home.