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Welcome to the new

After several years of being separate, I've merged my personal sites of and into a single site, and given it a pretty substantial overhaul at the same time.

9 minute read.

Migrating this site to Statamic: the more things change...

I’ve migrated this site multiple times over the years. It has run on Movable Type , BlogCMS , Wordpress, Drupal , back to Wordpress , and most recently, Jekyll . There was a lot to like about Jekyll: The fact that the public website was completely static html eliminated the possibility of the...

4 minute read.

Migrating my blog and personal site to Jekyll

After several years of using Wordpress as my blogging platform of choice, I've made the decision to move my personal site to Jekyll static site generator . Why I'm doing this Super Fast As I've blogged about on Justia's Legal Marketing & Technology Blog several times, web performance matters ....

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